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In most cases, you will be able to find your vehicle by calling the local police department. By law, it is mandatory for towing companies to inform the local police station of which vehicles have been towed. Therefore the police station can confirm if your car has been reported by a towing agency.
Yes. It doesn’t matter if establishment is opened or closed. If a towing company & property owner have a contract, a towing company can remove any unauthorized and illegally parked vehicles from the premises at any time.
While it may seem harmless to park your car overnight, it can present a challenge for many businesses. Most businesses see having an unauthorized vehicle on their premise as a liability. Your car can get stolen or damage while on property. Not only that, businesses want to make sure there are enough parking spaces for their paying customers when they open for business.
When it comes to towing fees, maximum towing fees are set forth by the TDLR It’s important to note that municipalities are able to set forth towing fee maximums. It is also mandatory for the particular towing company to adhere to the ordinance that imposes the higher fees. Due to storage fees, your payout may be more than the typical municipal or state maximum fees. It’s also important to note; fees that are set for storing your vehicle are not associated with the towing of the vehicle, and can be stored separately. Therefore you may have to pay additional storage fees.
It depends. While there are no laws prohibiting tow truck operators from patrolling parking lots, it’s up to the terms in the contract between the towing service and the property owner.
In this case, you can file a claim with the company that handles your vehicle insurance or file a claim with a court that handles civil matters. However, it’s important to know that most towing companies have surveillance equipment on their tow trucks and also in the facilities where vehicles are stored to prevent bogus and irrelevant claims. For more information on this matter, it’s highly advisable that you check your local municipal code regarding damage claims.
A private property owner has every right to enforce strict parking laws and regulations. Cities have no control or right to inform owners of private property and business how to run their property and establishment. However, there are some cases where cities and owners of private property have a mutual agreement that make parking easy for everyone.

Unfortunately, yes, you will still have to pay. However, you will only be required to pay the drop fees set forth by a few municipalities and/or Texas State.   You can use this link:  ( to find out more information and to determine the different drop fees based on your unique situation.

In most cases, the storage facility will not reject any form of payment. However, you will be able to pay via, debit card, credit card or personal check for any charges associated with the storage and/or delivery of your vehicle.  It’s highly advisable to call the storage facility before you arrive to ensure you have an acceptable form of payment.

If you feel you were treated unfairly and you want to know your rights, you can call the TDLR to find out your rights and more information.  Or you can use this link to find out more information:

The private property owner can request removal of an unauthorized vehicle on its premises by verbal or written agreement.

According to Texas State Law, signage must be in entrances, notifying drives that their vehicle will be removed by a towing service if they violate trespassing and parking laws.

There are a few circumstances where towing can tow a vehicle where the owner’s consent is not required. According to TDLR, are a few instances:

  • If a towing company receives written notice that was written by the owner of the parking lot
  • Obstruction of a well- constructed driveway or a public road that is disrupting the flow of traffic from entering and exiting
  • Removal of vehicle approved by an officer of the peace or a parking lot owner
  • Remove at the request of a property owner in written form or a standard agreement
  • Towing companies that have a certain type of liability insurance have the right to remove an illegally parked vehicle and store it at a facility for towed vehicles.


For more detailed information and to find out the different laws and regulations regarding towing laws and parking rights, visit the official website at TDLR is Texas Department of License and Regulation.*