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Amazing Service

We lost our other company since they closed down. I was not aware and needed a vehicle removed from my property. Eagle Towing came out to make sure that we had towing service for the next time and they were here in about 10 minutes. Very professional and polite. They saved the day.

Tracy is the BEST!!!

Thank you Eagle Towing in Round Rock for great customer service at such a difficult time in my life.I will always use y’all for any more towing needs.

by Vicky Spradling, Ph.D. on Austin Towing Services by Eagle Towing
Best Tow Experience of My Life!

Returning from a night out, my mini-van was just dead-- no sounds/signs of attempts to turn over. I managed to push it out of the driveway to near the curb, but it was still too much in the street, so a safety hazard. It was around 11 pm on a Thurs nite in Central Austin near Mopac. After my friend drove me home I googled to find a towing service (I don't have a cell/smart phone, so had to do it from home). Another so-called "24 hr" tow service actually turned me down! Luckily, I next tried Eagle. The service was prompt, professional, courteous, and much cheaper than I had mentally prepared myself for! Gilberto Lopez picked me up at my house, drove me over to my van, loaded it up on the most modern, high-tech and efficient flat bed/ramp machine I could ever imagine (I felt like I was in the Battlestar Gallactica!), and took me and my van home! Parked it right where I wanted, and even gave me an idea of what might have caused the car to not start which was very helpful. Then, the cost was so much lower than expected that, along with the amazing service and the experience of riding in that high tech towing machine, to be honest this was the best thing that happened to me all night (sorry Austin Opera!). I highly recommend this service, will use them again and definitely will specifically ask for Gilberto Lopez if he's available. He was super professional, courteous, kind, and proficient. Outstanding service!

Sweet people

In a huge need of a tow. Gentleman was the sweetest and was on his way with in 30 minutes! Courteous and nice and will definitely tell friends and family!

Super Friendly Service!

My car battery developed some corrosion on one of the connections and wouldn't start, stranding me about 45 minutes from my house. My best option was to call a local tow service for assistance, rather than calling my roommate to come pick me up. I was wary of doing so from all of the incidences I've witnessed on television and the gruff voice I talked over the phone initially. To my pleasant surprise, Woody arrived within 10 minutes and was one of the friendliest strangers I'd ever met in my life! He and Bunny, his dog, kept me at ease with friendly conversation and company as he got me squared away and I was back on the road in no time at all. I appreciate Woody for how he treated me and my vehicle and I will definitely recommend Eagle Towing to my friends.

Great Service

Mark DeBusk is the employee who worked with me, and he was very kind and considerate in helping me deal with my car issues. He helped me understand the entire process and was very friendly. He definitely made the frustrating situation a whole lot better. Thanks!

Mr Woody Sizemore came to my assistance this morning to tow my car in for service. He was punctual, calling me when he arrived at my place of residence, demonstrated excellent expertise in handling my vehicle, and called me to let me know when he delivered my car to Christian Brothers Auto Repair on Louis Henna in Round Rock.Mr Sizemore is a true gentleman. I, like many women today, am cautious about dealing with men I do not know. Mr Sizemore is a true gentleman. He immediately put me at easy with his courteous, considerate attitude. He made me feel safe and relaxed. Having his little boxer Bonnie with him was also very comforting. Little Bonnie’s adoration of him assured me Mr Sizemore is a good, kind man for an animal to love and trust him so much.Mr Sizemore was a true blessing in my life this morning. He is a person I would like to have as a friend. He is a kind, gentle, wonderful person who is excellent in his profession.Thank you so much again, Mr Sizemore,Jorja Shannon

Gilbert Lopez is a phenomenal tow truck driver. Stop and helped me without even calling him. Great service!

Woody is My Hero!

Yesterday on my way to an appointment my car ran out of gas 2mi from my destination! Unfortunately I was still on 45 Tollway and stalled at point of entrance ramp and barely off the shoulder! I tried for an hour to get someone from TXTAG to dispatch the courtesy patrol which I have seen MANY times on this route and kept getting a voicemail and noone seemed to have an alternate direct number to reach these people! (Now I dislike them very much!) Due to people speeding unsafely by my car it would shake each time and I was getting panicked! I suddenly looked up Round Rock roadside services and saw Eagle Towing delivered gas and gave up on TXTAG. To my terrific relief, Mr. Woody answered on the 1st ring!!! Not only that..he was to me 20min later from my phone call! He was like Superman..parking to protect himself and my vehicle, fueled my tank, and was so friendly and assuring all the while! I was off and going 10min later! I wish I would've called him 1st...from NOW on I surely will!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for putting me at ease and getting me outta there safely. I appreciate your kind demeanor and speedy response more than this can express!!! Yay Eagle Towing and especially YAY Mr. Woody!!!!! AMAZING!!!!!????????????????

Love this company!

This company is so reliable and reasonably priced! They alllowed me to leave my car where it was stalled, they came and picked it up, and took it to my mechanic. It allowed me to go home, get my child fed and in bed, and go to sleep without having to deal with it. I woke up the next morning, my mechanic had already looked at it, and I just called Eagle to pay them. No missed sleep, no missed work, and no worries! They could not have made the situation any easier to deal with.

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